Hidden Object Adventure

Greed 3 – Old Enemies Returning

The old enemies have returned to Pontoon Laboratories. And this time they are even willing to kill to get their hands on the miracle cure. Can you save the miracle cure and catch the destroyer?

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Greed 2 – Forbidden Experiments

Help Julia rescue her sister from a sinister cult! After a mysterious call, she discovers the kidnapping is part of a larger scheme. Uncover the secret cult of the Oracles and halt their experiments!

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Greed – The Mad Scientist

In a gripping narrative, Sara races against time to find her father’s vanished elixir, aiming to cure her brother. As she delves into her family’s dark past, assassins and mad scientists loom.

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Ominous Tales – The Forsaken Isle

Thirty miles off England’s coast lies The Forsaken Isle, where a tormented soul wanders intent on exacting revenge on anyone who crosses his path. Use your mind against the dark forces!

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Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune

You find yourself in a fairy-tale world that has truly gone mad: An evil witch, lots of frogs, chaos aplenty & a gripping story await you! So: Saddle up your horse, if you can find one, and set the aristocratic frogs free!

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Fall of the new age

A powerful cabal plots in the shadows to oppress the populace. Young thief Marla is blissfully unaware of these goings on. When masked men abduct her little brother, however, she is drawn into a maelstrom of exhilarating events…

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Namariel Legends

Aided by his army of robots, the cruel and heartless Iron Lord seized the lands. Become Princess Amelie and free your people Davincino, a skilled mechanic, and the denizens of the magical forest will aid you!

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Kingdom of Aurelia

Why was Princess Aurora poisoned? Will she recover? What secrets does this curious amulet hide? Step inside, solve head-scratching puzzles and find answers!

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Dracula’s Legacy

Haunted by frightening dreams about her forgotten past, Isabella – along with her fiancé – travels to an old ghost town, the only clue to her origins that she has been able to dredge from the depths of her lost memories.

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