Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune

Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune

An evil witch, lots of frogs, chaos aplenty and a gripping story await you!

You find yourself in a fairy-tale world that has truly gone mad. Taken captive by the evil witch, you must solve ludicrous puzzles to escape her bony claws and crazed cackling.

She wants nothing less than to turn as many princes into frogs as she can. You can bet the princes all want to go home to their princesses.

So: Saddle up your horse, if you can find one, and set the aristocratic frogs free!


  • a modern blend between a point-and-click adventure and a picture puzzle
  • a funny and quirky story involving witches, frogs, and maybe even a horse (then again, maybe not)

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Joindots GmbH 

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