Greed 3 – Old Enemies Returning

Greed 3 – Old Enemies Returning

Dr. Goodwin’s daughter Sara returns with the third part of the popular Greed series because she has bad news: her father’s miracle cure is threatened again!

With the help of Sara, you have to find the truth behind the rumors of strange energy beings that are said to be haunting Pontoon Laboratories. This treacherous journey takes you into the haunted empty halls of a once-bustling medical laboratory where you will confront paranormal energy beings and cruel humans.

Will you be able to save the miracle cure? Will you finally catch those who destroyed Dr. Goodwin’s dream of a better world?


  • A modern blend between a point-and-click adventure and a hidden object game
  • 4 game modes
  • A conclusion of the story that started in Greed: The Mad Scientist
  • Wallpapers, concept art, and music tracks as extras

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Publisher / Developer

Joindots GmbH 

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