• Witch's Pranks -Frog's Fortune

    An evil witch, lots of frogs, chaos aplenty and a gripping story await you!
  • Fall of the
    new age

    A young thief fights oppression and rescues her kidnapped brother.
  • Rubberduck Wave Racer

    Now get out on the water! Discover 16 fast-paced tracks in 4 exciting cups
  • Namariel Legends – Iron Lord

    Become Princess Amelie and free your people from the Iron Lord’s merciless grasp.
  • emoji kart™ Racer

    The time has finally come: the first official emoji Kart™ video game!
  • Kingdom of Aurelia

    Mystery of the Poisoned Dagger
    Step inside the magical world of Aurelia, solve head-scratching puzzles and find answers!
  • Winter Sports Games

    Off to the snow in six exciting disciplines!
  • Summer Sports Games

    Prove your athletic skills and challenge your friends in twelve exciting disciplines!

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Witch’s Pranks – Frog’s Fortune

You find yourself in a fairy-tale world that has truly gone mad: An evil witch, lots of frogs, chaos aplenty & a gripping story await you! So: Saddle up your horse, if you can find one, and set the aristocratic frogs free!

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Fall of the new age

A powerful cabal plots in the shadows to oppress the populace. Young thief Marla is blissfully unaware of these goings on. When masked men abduct her little brother, however, she is drawn into a maelstrom of exhilarating events…

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Rubberduck Wave Racer

An incredibly fast ride over raging rivers and thundering white-water rapids. But your duckling also floats on lava, fruit juice and the Milky Way! But don’t be fooled – there are also nasty power-ups that can really bother you!

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Namariel Legends

Aided by his army of robots, the cruel and heartless Iron Lord seized the lands. Become Princess Amelie and free your people Davincino, a skilled mechanic, and the denizens of the magical forest will aid you!

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Kingdom of Aurelia

Why was Princess Aurora poisoned? Will she recover? What secrets does this curious amulet hide? Step inside, solve head-scratching puzzles and find answers!

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emoji Kart™ Racer

Get behind the wheel with up to four players and race across 16 intense racetracks. Create your own personal emoji™ racer from thousands of combinations.

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Today Joindots creates games for all major consoles, like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Inspired by the arcade games of yesteryear, our games deliver what casual gaming is all about: you can play it for 10 minutes or have hours of fun – whichever works for you. We always try to go the “easy to learn but hard to master” route to give you a fast start into the gaming experience. Nevertheless, you can dive deep into the game and master all challenges.

When it comes to our titles, two things are very important to us: you only ever pay once for a game or re-playable content for a game. And our titles are in general designed to suit the whole family.

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