There are several options for joining dots:


Your game is ready for PC

You have a game and you either do not have the expertise or the time to have it ported to consoles. We can have the port done for you while you get started on your next title. Depending on your needs and the game we can also publish your title on all major consoles. If we publish a game, you do not have to pay for the port.


You own a brand

If you own an IP, a well-known brand, and you want to expand your business, we can create ideas on how to create a videogame with your brand. This can either be a free-to-play title to reach out to new target groups or a premium game.


You need help - fast

Your company is in the videogame business, maybe a publisher, and all your teams are working full tilt. But there is another product which needs to be ported for a multi-platform Christmas release. Reach out to Thorsten. He usually has an ace up his sleeve for these situations. You can find him on LinkedIn and Xing.


You have an idea

There is this one idea for a videogame which popped into your mind a while back – maybe under the shower. But you are not a programmer. Perhaps you are a graphic artist, a musician or just a person who had this idea. Get in touch with us and together we can see if there is a market for your vision.

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