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Season Match 2

The fairytale kingdom has been seized by Prince January. All the castles are trapped in ice and snow.

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Secrets of Magic – The Book of Spells

Dive into a magical world of witches and wizards. Travel through magical lands and help Victoria collect unique items along her journey to become a witch.

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Moai VI: Unexpected Guests

Guide Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri on the adventure of their lives and enjoy countless hours of fun on the enchanted island of Tapa-Tui!

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Tales of the Orient – The Rising Sun

Prove your skills in Challenge mode with limited moves. Experience the excitement of building an ancient Japanese village in this engaging Match 3 game.

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Forgotten Tales – Day of the Dead

There is an old legend in Mexico that on “Dia de los Muertos” the Day of the Dead, the gates of heaven will open and the souls of our loved ones can visit the land of the living. That’s where the story of Manuel and Maria begins.

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Season Match

Something terrible has happened in the magic kingdom. The Snow Queen is furious about her mirror to be broken. She decides to make winter stay forever in the fairy-land. Now, you are the one to save everybody and beat the wicked Queen.

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